"The care I received had a more significant impact on my experience than anything else – more than any of my prenatal appointments, more than any of my other preparations.  Your care made my birth everything I ever wanted it to be."


Our Vision

Our  continued vision from Neighbourhood Midwives is for woman and families to be included, given choice to achieve a positive experience of childbirth and are supported by a midwife that they know and trust.

We believe:

  • That the experience of birth has a lasting impact on women and their families that is felt for the rest of their lives.

  • In ensuring women are at the heart of midwifery and to do this we must base our care on relationships, to achieve positive short and long term outcomes for families and midwives.

  • Continuity of ante natal and post natal care is deeply appreciated by women and midwives.

  • Continuity of relationships builds trust which is a powerful force 

  • when people are trusted and given the right conditions they perform better and feel more fulfilled.

  • Pregnancy and birth does not have to be hierarchical, but should be based on mutual respect, listening, learning, appreciation, and choice.

  • Birth is a physiological event that sometimes needs assistance not a medical event that is sometimes physiological.


We value:

Confidence:  In ourselves and in the service we provide by being up-to-date, evidence based, reliable and holistic

Heart:    Through building supportive relationships through empathy and kindness combined with determination

Love:     Physically and emotionally nurturing women, families and each other.


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