Useful Information

Breastfeeding support

In this section are some links to youtube videos which we feel will help support and inform you when breastfeeding.  Whether you are new to breastfeeding or this is baby number 4, we know each baby comes with their own ideas and challenges.  These links offer you the opportunity to look at different positions and techniques to help support you in your feeding journey.

Milk Supply and Pumping

There may come a time in your feeding journey where either you may be advised to pump/express in order to increase your milk supply, offer your baby a supplement of expressed breast milk (EBM) or because you may have made the decision to mix feed.  So here are some links which provide lots of useful advise and tips to inform your choices.

(It is recommended by WHO and UNICEF.  If you hope to exclusively breastfeed you should only feed from the breast for the first 6 months of life and that you do not introduce alternative feeding methods/Dummies/Nipple shields before 6 weeks to avoid nipple confusion.)

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